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 When Anne Sellmer isn’t up to her eyebrows in chocolate, hand-decorating award-winning bonbons, or meeting with other small local businesses, growers and producers, she's likely imagining the next tantalizing mix of local and seasonal ingredients. Either that or she's enjoying family time with her husband and 3 young sons.  After all, Cole, Charlie and Hugo were the inspiration not only for Anne to follow her passions but also for her company brand – their names being immortalized as cōchu (though there is some dispute as to who owns the ‘h’).

cōchu was officially launched in February 2017. It is but the most recent stage of a life dedicated to creating beautiful and amazing things to eat. Anne has spent countless hours training, researching, testing and perfecting her artisanal chocolates. Somehow she has still found time to travel to various points around the world to fill her suitcase with accolades and awards (and dozens of samples of great chocolate... strictly for research purposes of course).


You may have noticed our online store has been "coming soon" for a while now. Demand has been huge and we just haven't been able to keep up with orders, despite increasing our staff and production. Thankfully it's almost ready - we appreciate your patience!

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