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That truffle or bar bite you just let melt on your tongue and transport you to a little bit of chocolate heaven? Yeah, that one! We don’t mean to brag, but we thought you should know you have impeccable taste as it seems professional chocolate aficionados and judges around the world agree with you. In under a year, Anne’s skill and artistry has been recognized from San Francisco to Toronto to London and she has now won 47 national and international awards including 28 world final medals!

Here’s a sampling of her growing accolades:

2019 Academy of Chocolate Awards, London, UK - only the bonbon category has been announced so far. We submitted 5 bonbons and placed 5 medals! 

Silver: Tonka
Bronze: Tea Blossom
Bronze: Salted Cultured Butter Caramel
Bronze: Phil & Sebastian Chewy Caramel
Bronze: Hazelnut Crunch bonbon

2018 International Chocolate Awards: we decided not to enter this year but will hopefully next year!

2018 Academy of Chocolate Awards - 3 Gold, 3 Silver & 2 Bronze!
London, UK 

Gold: ButterSCOTCH
Gold: Balvenie Scotch Whisky & Prune
Gold: Hazelnut Crunch Bar
Silver: Bread & Butter
Silver: Caramelized White Roasted Coffee
Silver: Dark Racha Peanut
Bronze: Gingerbread Bar
Bronze: Blood Orange & Balsamic Caramel


2017 Best Chocolatier & Confectioners in America Award
International Chocolate Salon
San Francisco, USA

6-Star Grand Master
(one of 10 in North America, and the only Canadian in 2017)





2017 International Chocolate Awards World Finals 

London, UK

Silver: Gingerbread bar



Bronze: Hazelnut Crunch bar
Bronze: Roasted Coffee (Phil & Sebastian Ethiopian Ageze & caramelized white chocolate) bonbon




2017 International Chocolate Awards Canadian Nationals
Toronto, ON

Gold: Blood Orange (& Balsamic) Caramel bonbon
Gold: Ginger Caramel, milk chocolate bonbon



Sliver: Gingerbread bar
Silver: 'Racha Peanut bar



Bronze: Roasted Coffee Phil & Sebastian bonbon
Bronze: Hazelnut Crunch bar




2017 Academy of Chocolate Awards
London, UK

with over 900 entrants from over 35 countries around the world

Gold: Latte bar




Silver: Cassis bonbon
Silver: Screwdriver bonbon
Silver: Gin & Tonic bonbon
Silver: Cherry Gin bonbon


Bronze: Wildflower Honey bonbon
Bronze: Dark Roasted Coffee bonbon (dark)
Bronze: Roasted Coffee bonbon (milk)
Bronze: Ginger Caramel bonbon
Bronze: 'Racha Peanut milk



2017 International Chocolate Salon Top Caramel Awards

Bronze: Ginger Caramel




2017 International Chocolate Salon Top Spicy Chocolate Awards

Bronze (Best Ingredient Combinations): 'Racha Bar




2017 International Chocolate Salon Top Artisan Toffee Awards

Gold (Most Unique): Caramelized Sponge Toffee




2017 International Chocolate Salon Top Chocolate Bar Awards

'Racha Peanut Bar
Gold (Most Unique)



'Racha Peanut Bar
Silver (Best Taste)
Silver (Best Ingredient Combination)



Mendiant Bar
Bronze (Best Ingredient Combination)
Bronze (Best Taste)
Bronze (Best Bar) 



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