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cōchu wants as many people to enjoy what we make as possible, so we’ll keep striving towards "chocolate inclusivity"!

Our products are not certified gluten-free. Our 37% and 40% milk chocolates contain barley malt extract. We have heard differing opinions about the gluten ppm in these and are looking into the issue further. For now, we’ll continue to take great care in keeping these away from our other chocolates and feel safe calling a number of our items “gluten friendly”. There are no other ingredients in the kitchen that directly contain gluten.

The primary chocolates that do not contain barley malt extract include our white chocolate, caramelized white chocolate, 43% dark milk chocolate, 58% dark chocolate, 66% dark chocolate and 70% dark chocolate.

The safest items would include the enrobed Caramelized Sponge Toffee (made completely in house), Sweet & Salty Pretzels (always made with Glutino pretzels) and the Candied Orange Peel.

The cherries used on the mendiants have an allergen warning of “may contain wheat”, although we don’t have further details from their processing facilities.

For a full list of our ingredients click here.


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