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Bonbons come in assorted boxes of 6, 12 and 24...

Our flavours are inspired by an abundance of fantastic producers in and around Calgary. But we don’t stop here, the world is our oyster! Inspiration and the best ingredients come from absolutely anywhere and everywhere. 

Below are some examples of what you may find in your Assorted Bonbons. We are always changing it up, curating each and every order.


CHERRY GIN: Silky cherry ganache infused with limited edition Eau Claire Distillery Cherry Gin. (If Eau Claire makes it, we’ll find a way of putting it into a bonbon!). Dark chocolate.



GIN & TONIC: Rich and smooth award-winning chocolate ganache with premium Eau Claire Distillery Gin, a splash of Porter’s Tonic and a twist of lemon. Milk or dark chocolate. 



SCREWDRIVER: Premium Eau Claire Distillery Three Point Vodka and fresh orange zest securely fastened to delicately rich chocolate molecules. Milk or dark chocolate.




MARGARITA: Tequila, triple sec and lime - the classic drink squeezed into a little perfect cone of goodness. Dark chocolate.



CHAMPAGNE TRUFFLE: Dark chocolate wrapped around dark chocolate champagne ganache. (Out of stock)



ButterSCOTCH: Soft, buttery caramel carefully balanced with The Balvenie 14-year Caribbean Cask Scotch Whisky. Heaven.



GINGER CARAMEL: Meticulously crafted soft salted caramel infused with fresh ginger and encased in decadent milk or dark chocolate.



CARAMEL tied the KNOT: Caramel chocolate ganache is married to bits of “melted” sponge toffee. Whether enrobed in milk or dark chocolate, it's a blissful combination.



BLOOD ORANGE (& balsamic) CARAMEL: Chewy blood-orange caramel with a hint of balsamic. Swoon. Dark chocolate.



SALTED CULTURED BUTTER CARAMEL: Chewy salted caramel made with Calgary's own Cultured ButterMilk, dark and sometimes caramelized white chocolate. 


ROASTED COFFEE CARAMEL: A rich chewy caramel infused with current Phil & Sebastian coffee.  Dark, milk or caramelized white chocolate. (Coming soon)




PASSIONFRUIT: Bright and lively passionfruit puree with rich dark chocolate ganache in a beautifully hand airbrushed shell.



WILDFLOWER HONEY: Sweet, local dr!zzle honey meets local McGuire Chocolate's Tanzanian 70% dark chocolate.



The JANN: Yes, that Jann, who inspired this distinctive, warm, slightly sweet anise-flavored bonbon. (Coming soon)




PEANUT BUTTER: Salty & surprisingly soft peanut butter ganache in milk, dark or caramelized white chocolate.



ROASTED COFFEE: Seasonal Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters’ single origin coffee beans specially paired with different cacao beans, together transcending either’s solo deliciousness. The coffee and cacao beans change throughout the year. Caramelized white, milk or dark chocolate.






MENDIANT: A roasted pistachio, a dried cherry, a coconut ribbon and sea salt on a silky smooth 58% chocolate disk. Divine.




CANDIED ORANGE PEEL: Mini versions of our bright and citrusy candied orange peel enrobed in 58% dark chocolate.


HAZELNUT CRUNCH: A bonbon version of the Hazelnut Crunch bar - whole & chopped candied hazelnuts, hazelnut toffee, hazelnut milk chocolate & sea salt, coated in dark chocolate.






BALVENIE & PRUNE: Dark chocolate Balvenie 14-year Caribbean Cask Scotch Whisky ganache with Scotch Whisky  Prune Compote





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