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We don't just stop at Bonbons.  Chocolates can come in all shapes and sizes and whatever shape or form, we ensure that we use the best ingredients to build the best flavours. 

Below are some examples of our bars and bites to satisfy all sorts of cravings. For a current menu/price list, email us at


CARAMELIZED WHITE BAR:  Caramelized white chocolate sprinkled with Valrhona cocoa nibs and Maldon sea salt.



ESPRESSO BAR:  Fresh ground Phil & Sebastian Kenyan Coffee beans in 58% dark chocolate.



LATTE BAR:  Fresh ground Phil & Sebastian Ethiopian coffee beans in caramelized white chocolate. This remarkable bar won Gold in the 2017 Academy of Chocolate Awards in London UK.



'RACHA PEANUT BAR:  Sriracha, sea salt, sponge toffee & roasted peanut in creamy milk chocolate. Sweet, salty & spicy! (Coming soon; currently available in bark form).



'RACHA PRETZEL BAR:  Sriracha, sea salt, sponge toffee, pretzel & creamy milk chocolate. Spicy, salty & sweet!  (Coming soon; currently available in bark form)



MENDIANT BAR:  A divine balance of cherries, pistachios, coconut flakes & sea salt on a 58% dark couverture chocolate tablet. So pretty. So yummy.



CANDY BAR:  Mix of sweet & sour gummy candies in popping 37% milk chocolate. Created for kids, loved by adults. (Coming soon; currently available in bark form)



GINGERBREAD BAR:  Gingerbread-spiced caramelized white chocolate with bits of crunchy gingerbread cookie.



PEANUT BUTTER BAR: Rich and salty peanut butter bar layered with dark chocolate.



CARAMELIZED SPONGE TOFFEE, enrobed in chocolate:  Brought to the smoking point, this sponge toffee has a richer flavour and depth of colour than traditional sponge toffee. It is enrobed in up to 4 different couverture chocolates, based on availability, including creamy caramelized white chocolate, 37% milk chocolate, 43% dark milk chocolate and 58% dark.



SWEET & SALTY PRETZELS:  These buttery pretzels are enrobed in a variety of up to 4 couverture chocolates, based on availability. Our couverture chocolates include creamy caramelized white chocolate, 37% milk chocolate, 43% dark milk chocolate and 58% dark chocolate. We always use gluten free pretzels because they taste so amazing!



CANDIED ORANGE PEEL:  Bright and citrusy candied orange peel enrobed in 58% dark chocolate. It's doubtful you'll want to share these, but try.







 To order, email us at

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